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Needs, Resources & Allocations


NRAC makes recommendations to the Planning Council regarding the distribution of funds in consideration of community service needs, current funding for HIV/AIDS services from all identifiable sources, and trend data.

Needs, Resources and Allocations Committee Charge

Develop and implement a process to identify the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers through the following:

  • Keeping the Needs Assessment current
  • Ensuring that the process is objective; ethnically, culturally, and linguistically sensitive; and
  • Including quantitative analysis to the degree that appropriate data are available.​​

The committee​ makes recommendations to the Planning Council regarding:
  • Potential federal, state, local and private resources available to meet service needs and recommends action to the Council as appropriate
  • The distribution of funds among priority goals using available information regarding community service needs, current funding for HIV care services from all identifiable sources, and service utilization and cost trend data
​​MEETING MATERIALS FOR 2016 - 2017   
​​October 20, 2016Agenda​​
​November 17, 2016Agenda​
​December 15, 2016​Agenda
​January 19, 2017​Agenda
February 16, 2017    ​Agenda
​March 16, 2017​Agenda​
​April 20, 2017​Agenda
​May 18, 2017 (All-day meeting) ​Agenda​​​
 Resource and Allocations Publications

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