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A majority of Planning Council work is done in its Committees. All Planning Council members must serve on at least one Committee.  All Committee meetings are held at the Old South Church, Guild room for two hours.



Consumer Committee 
Fosters consumer (people living with HIV) leadership and ensures diverse consumer input on and participation in Planning Council and Committee activities.  

Executive Committee 
Responsible for ensuring the orderly and integrated progression of Planning Council work. The Executive Committee also encourages the active and meaningful participation of all Planning Council members.  

Services, Planning and Evaluation Committee (SPEC)
Makes recommendations regarding the local service continuum, ​develops the annual priority setting processes and evaluates the impact of Part A funds in the Boston EMA and makes recommendations on evaluation and quality management projects.  

Needs, Resources and Allocations Committee  (NRAC)
Assesses the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS and makes recommendations to the Planning Council on how to distribute Part A funds among the approved service categories. 


Bylaws Committee  
Periodically reviews and makes recommendations on updating the Boston Part A EMA Planning Council Bylaws.  
Nominating Committee 
An independent body of community representatives that reviews applications for the Planning Council and recommends a slate of candidates to the Mayor of Boston for Planning Council membership .    

Policy Committee 
Analyzes local, regional, and federal policy and legislative issues and advises the Planning Council on how these issues may impact the Boston Part A EMA.

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