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The Boston Planning Council is an independent federally required planning body that works to organize, evaluate, prioritize, and allocate Ryan White Part A HIV funding in the Boston Eligible Metropolitan Area (EMA). The Council is appointed by the Mayor of Boston and is administered by staff of the Boston Public Health Commission, Division of HIV/AIDS Services. The Ryan White Act was created to fill gaps in existing medical and supportive HIV services and contains several parts. Part A provides the funding for the Boston EMA and other urban areas most heavily impacted by the HIV & AIDS epidemic. ​​​


Planning Council Support
Planning Council Support provides professional staff support to the Boston Part A EMA HIV/AIDS Services Planning Council. The Planning Council is an independent federally mandated planning body working with the HIV/AIDS Services Division to: organize, evaluate, and prioritize Ryan White Part A HIV funding in the Boston EMA; and to develop a comprehensive plan for HIV care. Services include organizing committee meetings, performing research projects, and facilitating communication among members and committees.


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