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Funded Providers

BPHC requires ongoing monitoring and reporting of all services delivered by Ryan White Part A funded providers. This includes programmatic and fiscal reporting requirements listed in the Part A Provider Manual.

Provider Manual
Provider Manual
Reporting Submission Deadlines

Client Services Provider Handbook
Provider Handbook

Provider Training Materials
Presentation Slides from Provider Training

Program Reporting Forms & Templates
Client Information Form
Client Information Form Instructions
Unit Rate Client Utilization Data Backup (Sample)
Outcome Measurement Reporting Information 

Fiscal Reporting Forms & Templates
Budget Revision Instructions
Unit Rate Invoice Template
Cost Reimbursement Invoice Template
Fiscal Rules FY14

HRSA and BPHC Part A Policies & Procedures
Financial Eligibility Policy for Ryan White Services 
Client Income Summary Form 
Sample Letter of No Income
MassHealth Income Standards & Federal Poverty Level Guidelines
HHS Poverty Guidelines ​
Single Sliding Fee Policy for Ryan White Services
Client Out of Pocket Expense Sample Tracker
Sample Hardship Waiver
Benefits Screening
Client Confidentiality 

Universal Standards of Care & Service-Specific Guidelines
Standards of Care for HIV/AIDS Services
Guidelines for Peer Support Services
Case Management Assessment Tool  
Case Management Reassessment Tool
Case Management Reassessment Tool Addenda  
Level of Need Summary
Case Management Assessment & Reassessment Tool Instructions
Individual Service Plan/Client Action Plan
Individual Service Plan/Client Action Plan Instructions

HIV/AIDS Medical Case Management Acuity Toolkit
Acuity Toolkit
Acuity Tool Pilot Presentation (October 16, 2014)

Ryan White Service Report (RSR)

The Ryan White Services Report (RSR) is the mechanism by which HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau collects client-level data. All funded grantees and providers are required to submit the RSR each year. Providers that are also direct Ryan White grantees (e.g. Part C or Part D grantees) must use HRSA’s Electronic Handbooks to submit their RSR. Providers that are not direct grantees must use HRSA’s Web system to submit their RSR. For the 2013 RSR, which covers the time period of 01/01/2013 – 12/31/2013, all Ryan White Part A providers must have their RSR submitted by March 3, 2014.

In January, each provider was emailed a packet containing instructions on how to submit the RSR. This packet outlined the submission process for your agency, and very importantly, contained your agency-specific registration code. If you did not receive this information, or just need it again, please contact Benjamin Spozio at (or call 617-534-7774). Below you will find a list of resources (including a PDF document summarizing the technical assistance resources available to you)

2013 RSR Instruction Manual
2013 RSR Validation Messages
RSR Data Dictionary & XML Schema
RSR Submission Checklist
BPHC↔HRSA Service Category Crosswalk
RSR Technical Assistance Summary

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