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The goal of the Boston Safe Nail Salons Project is to protect workers and the public from exposure to hazardous chemicals and air pollution in nail salons. Nail salon workers are exposed to an array of potentially hazardous compounds during nearly every service they provide. Safe Nail Salons will prevent or reduce disproportionate environmental and occupational health effects from the industry on workers and clients, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods.​

The Safe Nail Salon Project offers free trainings and technical assistance at your salon during a time that is convenient to you.  Our staff can help you find solutions to problems, such as improving ventilation and the proper use of personal protective equipment, and can help answer questions about regulations and your health.  Please contact  the Environmental Health Office at 617-534-5966 to find out more information about the Safe Nail Salon Project.

To view pictures of the Safe Nail Salon performing a training, please visit the Boston Public Health Commission's Facebook page.

Please feel free to download our training materials for workers in both Vietnamese and English to learn more.   In addition, we offer a more detailed training to Nail Salon owners explaining BPHC's new regulations changes in both English and Vietnamese.

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