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The Environmental Hazards Program responds to complaints from the public regarding asbestos, indoor air pollution, outdoor air pollution, leaking storage tanks, chemical spills, and hazardous waste dumping, as well as responding to environmental emergencies. Hazards health inspectors investigate complaints/concerns and, if a public health hazard is found, take enforcement action to have the responsible party eliminate the hazard.​

Permit, Fees, and Fines
The Special Projects of the Environmental Hazards Program regulates asbestos permits, body art establishments and practitioners, tanning facilities, ice rinks, and solid waste recycling facilities, and junkyards in accordance with regulatory laws. Yearly licenses and permits are issued for a fee to businesses and individuals by the Board of Health.   Environmental Hazards Inspectors perform health inspections of businesses and facilities to ensure that they remain in compliance with regulatory laws. Violations found in noncompliance with regulatory laws may be issued a fine.  Businesses and property owners can pay fine here.​ To learn more about permitting, click here
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