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The mission of Boston CleanAir Cabs is to reduce fuel costs, air pollution, and occupational health exposures related to Boston's taxi cab fleet. Boston CleanAir Cabs promotes the replacement of older, fuel-inefficient cabs with hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. The program, launched on April 1, 2007, demonstrates Boston's continuing commitment to sustainable transportation. It is a partnership of government agencies, private businesses, and community members. 


  • Drivers: Save money on gas (keep more of what you earn), Hybrid taxi cabs can get up to three times as many miles per gallon of fuel as the old Crown Victoria cabs! You'll spend less money at the pump and keep more of the fares you earn.
  • Taxi Owners: If you own and drive your own vehicle, you can get a federal tax credit up to $3,000 for the purchase of a new hybrid vehicle. For more information, contact the Taxpayers Incentive Assistance Project at If you lease your cabs out to drivers, you can charge a slightly higher lease rate to the driver. Hybrid cars are in demand! These cars will spend more time on the road, and less time in the garage!
  • Boston residents: The average taxi cab spends up to 18 hours per day driving around the city. Using hybrid cars reduces pollution and tailpipe emissions by 50-80%. Engine exhaust includes fine particulate matter, nitrogen compounds, and volatile organic compounds. These chemicals are unhealthy for everyone, and are especially harmful to people with asthma or heart disease. Less pollution is also important to slow climate change. 

Are you a cab owner? Consider purchasing a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle the next time you have to replace a car. To enroll,, request approval of the Hackney Division to put a new CleanAir​ Cab vehicle on the road. Call the Hackney Division at 617-343-4475 or visit their website

Are you a taxi customer? Look for the green stripe that marks CleanAir Cab vehicles or ask for a CleanAir Cab when you call for a pickup.

In April 2005, a hybrid Ford Escape was used to follow a working taxi cab (1999 Crown Victoria from Green Cab of Somerville, MA) on his route. Over a 9-hour shift, they drove 97 miles.  During that time, the Crown Victoria used 10.25 gallons of gas while the hybrid used only 3.77 gallons. That turns into real savings during a work week as this graph shows:

Research also indicates that hybrid taxis reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 72,000 pounds per year per cab. This is 360,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per 5-year period. According to NASA, humans have increased carbon dioxide concentrations by more than 1/3 since the Industrial Revolution began around 1760. Carbon dioxide is a large contributor to climate change, and is causing rising temperatures and sea levels, more acidic oceans, and more severe rainstorms, droughts, floods, and fires. Reductions in carbon dioxide emissions from vehicle use is an important way we can help slow climate change.


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