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Asthma Management and Prevention with COVID-19 Related Guidance 

People with uncontrolled asthma and other respiratory and immune issues are at higher risk for COVID-19 complications. Be sure to work with your care providers to help you and use the resources below to stay informed, healthy, and safe. 





  • Work with your care providers to keep asthma and allergies in check and make sure you have enough of the medications you need. Follow your Asthma Action Plan.
  • Take daily and rescue medications as prescribed.  
  • Know and avoid your triggers as much as possible. 
  • Clean and disinfect safely by protecting yourself and others. See below. 
  • Asthma can be tricky. Reach out for support!

Stay Informed and Reach out for Support

  • Boston Hotlines and Text Updates
    • Call 311 or the Boston Mayor's Health Line at 617-534-5050 if you have any questions or need any Boston resources.
    • Text BOSCOVID to 888-777 for important Boston text alerts. 
    • City of Boston Covid-19 website - Information; updates; key resources in multiple languages for food, transport, housing, and more 
    • Other
  • MA State Hotline and Text Updates
    • Call 211 for any MA State resources or questions.
    • Text COVIDMA to 888-777 for important state updates.  
    • Text COVIDMAESP to 888-777 for Spanish alerts
  • Feeling unwell? Check your symptoms

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Resource.pngClick here for COVID-19 Resources in Asian Languages.


BPHC's 2 Free Home Visit Services

Asthma Home Visits (Virtual)

Trained Certified Community Health Workers (CCHWs) from BPHC and partner programs are available to provide asthma help to Boston families to address asthma and conditions in their homes that can trigger asthma symptoms.
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        • We are available by phone or video call.
        • We help you:
          • Understanding asthma, medications, and how to use them effectively.
          • Understand and follow your Asthma Action Plan. 
          • Understand your asthma triggers and how to address them. 
          • Connect to other resources and support you need to meet your needs (food, housing stability, parental support, and more). 
        • We are able to drop off asthma management and prevention supplies to your doorstep safely (determined by CHW).
        • Residents, please email More info here
        • Providers, please complete this referral form. More info here

                         Breathe Easy at Home (BEAH) Referral                             (Boston renters only eligible)

Through this program, doctors, nurses, or other health professionals can refer patients with asthma for housing inspections if they suspect substandard housing conditions may be triggering a child's asthma in their home. Only Boston renters are eligible. 

BEAH supports renters by addressing issues in the home that may require the landlord to resolve (e.g. mold, moisture, leaks, pests (rodents and roaches), holes where pests may enter, broken bathrooms/kitchen vents, etc.).



COVID-19 and Asthma.PNG
COVID-19 and Asthma 
Handout from BPHC 

People with asthma and existing health issues are more vulnerable to COVID-19. Take precautions and contact us at if you have questions.

*Please NoteAsthma Home Visits will be conducted BY PHONE until further notice. Breathe Easy at Home Update: ISD has been conducting virtual inspections and remains in regular contact with both residents and landlords to make sure that violations are on track to get corrected.  

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Cleaning and disinfecting products can cause breathing and health issues, including asthma if used incorrectly. 

COVID-19 and Asthma.PNG
It is very important to protect yourself and others while cleaning. Here's how:
EPA & CDC Guidance for institutions (public spaces, workplaces, businesses, schools, homes)

Quick Tips: 
  • Always keep cleaning products away from your face and skin, as products may irritate the eyes, skin, and lungs. Avoid breathing in. Nose and mouth coverings, waterproof gloves, and eye protection can be helpful. 
  • Always ventilate by keeping others away from the area you are cleaning. Store cleaning products away from children and pets. 
  • Never ingest or inject or experiment with chemicals. 
  • Never mix or use different products together! Never mix bleach and ammonia together and only mix bleach with water to dilute safely.
  • Avoid bleach, chlorine, ammonia, dyes, scents, fragrances whenever possible to prevent asthma attacks and other health issues. 
  • You only need to disinfect regularly if different people are touching the same surfaces or surfaces come in contact with possible contaminants.
  • Opening your windows to ventilate does not increase exposure to COVID-19.  Please let air fresh air circulate.  If you have allergies you may consider using an air conditioner. 
  • Disinfecting only works on dirty surfaces if you clean with soap and water first.  You must use disinfectant as described in the product instructions. For most, you have to leave them on the surface for about 10 minutes and let air dry.  Please read the instructions. 

The Center is located at Children's Hospital, Boston, and operates a toll-free, 24-hour phone line for poisoning emergencies and information at (800)222-1222.

Call 911 if a person stops breathing, collapses, or has a seizure. 
These are signs of an emergency in which the victim needs emergency medical help immediately. 

Call the Regional Poison Control Center right away at 1(800)222-1222 if:
  • If there's been a poisoning and the person has NOT stopped breathing, collapsed, or had a seizure. (If the victim DOES stop breathing, collapses, or has a seizure, call 911 right away.)
  • If you're concerned about a possible poisoning.
  • To ask a poison prevention question.
  • To ask for poison prevention materials. 


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Managing your asthma well is the key to staying healthy. Talk to your provider and make a plan. Visit for daily updates. 

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   Social Services Resource Guide         Suffolk County

This guide provides an overview of COVID-19 and resources available in Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop for housing, food, health insurance, medical care, mental/behavioral health, legal supports, child care, and more. (Compiled by the Office of Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins.) 


Asthma and COVID-19 Resources


MA Department of Public Health (MDPH) 




                        Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) 

BPS.pngBoston Public Schools (BPS) - Resources supporting student and caregiver needs concerning food, technology, and other critical needs

Other Key Resources for Boston Providers

Contact us at

About the BPHC Asthma Prevention and Control Program

Asthma in the urban environment is a serious problem. It remains a primary cause of preventable hospitalization among Boston children and other urban communities. Parents, health care providers, individuals with asthma, and others must be proactive in understanding the severity of this illness and how to take control of asthma. This page provides links to useful information about asthma and programs offered by BPHC to help Boston residents prevent and control asthma. 

BPHC Asthma Prevention and Control Program Mission and Focuses:

Since 1998, BPHC has been committed to ensuring a high standard of asthma care to reduce the high burden of asthma among Boston residents and beyond.  To do this BPHC provides:

  • Asthma management education and support to Boston residents through free home-based services, community outreach, and training.
  • Leadership to convene key partners across healthcare, school, childcare, and housing settings to improve and better coordinate asthma care in Boston.
  • Training and mentorship to Community Health Workers. These professionals are instrumental in supporting Boston residents and health professionals to navigate the complexities of asthma management.

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