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National Collaborative for Health Equity- Place Matters
                View a video created at a Place Matters lab in Boston in 2011.

​​Shifting the Public Health Paradigm
Boston Youth Service Network​
Healthy Choices, Health Options
Our Neighborhood is Not a Dumping Ground
No Clarity in the Healthcare System
Every Family Deserves a Healthy Home
SJPHC Youth Racial Healing
New England Partnership for Health Equity Grantee Reflections
Education and Health Equity: Stories from Worcester, MA
Boston Public Health Commission 'It Gets Better'
Mayor Menino- Health Equity: A Priority for Boston (2008)
Origin of the phrase 'Women of Color'
Tim Wise @ BPHC


Boston Public Health Commission's Health of Boston Report
Since 1996, the Health of Boston Report has been commissioned annually to provide timely information on the health of Boston residents. The report provide descriptive information about the health status and the factors that influence the health status of Boston residents.

The Blueprint: A Preview of the Principles & Framework for Boston's Resilience Strategy 
Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) Dr. Atyia Martin is leading the city’s effort to develop an integrated Resilience Strategy that will help Boston thrive in both good and challenging times. And while this strategy will address a wide range of issues, one theme has emerged at the very core of Boston’s efforts to build resilience: racial equity

Dr. Mary Bassett: We Must Name Racism as a Cause of Poor Health​

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