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Emergency Medical Services


Boston's Emergency Medical Services is a community-based public safety and public health service that provides and manages the integrated pre-hospital care system for the City of Boston, and maintains and improves safety and healthcare in the community.

Boston emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on the streets of Boston providing state-of-the-art emergency care with skill, compassion and dignity to those who are ill or who have been injured.

In addition to providing emergency care, Boston EMS has a dual responsibility to serve the Commission's public health goals by identifying the underlying causes of much of the emergencies we see and preventing these crisis situations through education and other forms of outreach.

These pages offer information on your municipal public health and public safety service that provides and manages the integrated pre-hospital care system for the City of Boston. We can trace our roots back to 1892 when the department was known as the Boston City Hospital Ambulance Service. Today we deploy a state-of-the-art fleet and employ more than 320 emergency medical technicians and paramedics who serve the City of Boston 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The strength of our service is our personnel's commitment to excellence. Highly trained and dedicated, Boston EMS EMTs and Paramedics answer an average of 110,000 911 calls for help each year, and transport nearly 73,000 people to area hospitals in their time of need.

Despite our name, emergency response is not our only focus. In an ever changing world, Boston EMS is at the forefront of emergency preparedness and Homeland Security efforts. Through our DelValle Institute of Emergency Preparedness, we offer expanded and continuing education for our staff, Public Health Commission staff, community center, health center and hospital staff and for Boston and area Police and Fire departments. Boston EMS also manages aspects of the City's Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and coordinates the region's Metropolitan Medical Response Service (MMRS). Our personnel regularly participate in drills with local, regional, state and federal partners. This cooperative work with our public health and public safety partners has helped to earn high praise for the City of Boston and its emergency preparedness efforts.

As part of the Boston Public Health Commission, we also provide community education to help keep kids, families and neighborhoods safe. We attend community events and meetings to bring programs to residents on the Kids Can't Fly Program, bicycle safety education, domestic violence prevention and the File of Life program for elders. Our staff works with court involved youth, caught up in gangs or drugs, to teach them to save a life in hopes that they will make better decisions for their own future, and someone else's. Our community programs include EMT courses and CPR/AED training. Boston EMS serves as an important part of the City's major events including First Night, the Boston Marathon and Boston's Fourth of July celebration. And of course, we respond to your 911 calls for help. Each and every day, we carry out our mission, serving at the intersection of public health and public safety.

If you would like more information on Boston EMS than you find in these pages, please call the main office at 617 343-BEMS (617-343-2367). You can also learn more about Boston EMS at Remember, you're never alone in an emergency, call 911 for help.

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