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A Family Focused Service Program

Father Friendly Initiative (FFI) is committed to providing opportunities for men living in the city of Boston to become fully involved members of their families and community. Our core principles are based on the overwhelming evidence that “Dads Can Be the Difference” in the life of a child. It is a safe haven for men to get together.

By supporting Boston fathers, FFI strives to help them become more involved with their families -- before, during, and after the birth of their child(ren). FFI encourages its participants to become emotional, financial and nurturing resources for their child(ren) and a major source of strength to their families as well as their communities. FFI serves all fathers with the opportunities necessary to change their economic situation and achieve their life goals.

Fathers play an important role in the lives of their children. By being active, supportive members of their children's lives, they contribute to their physical and emotional well-being. FFI believes that "Men are Natural Born Nurturers Too."

FFI is a case management service designed to support the full integration of dads in the family system, specifically targeting men who have child support, custody/visitation, or court-involved issues. FFI uses a holistic approach and offers a comprehensive case management program designed to accommodate the psychological, physical, and social support needs of men.

The FFI services are packaged in a comprehensive program which includes: coordination of health care, ensuring that all men enrolled in the program have medical insurance, substance abuse referrals, anger management counseling, parenting skills, support groups, employment/education, and custody/visitation and housing.

Additionally, FFI clients can participate in a 13-lesson culturally sensitive curriculum.

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