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Just testing the form since we restarted the server last night. Do you really want this form to open to a new window?? Let me know.
MaxeneSpolidoroEmailmaxrosespolidoro@yahoo.com7812482426shared by a colleague
I manage the MA Home Visiting social channels; I'll share you're posts.
MariaDe OrnelasPhonemarisol0@bu.ed3059511119Dr. Natalie Joseph
RachelFogelEmailrfogel12@gmail.comBus advertisement
Nelson-TestPidgeonEmailnpidgeon@bphc.orgJust testing
Made one update to the thank you screen
Catherine MaddoxEmailCmmaddox@gmail.comBus ad
KristiEmanuelEmailkristiemanuel1@gmail.com8572719779MBTA poster
I want to learn more about this program so as to determine how I could use my professional and personal experiences to be as helpful as possible.
ShauntelGarner-Anderson EmailSanderson@bphc.org6174129483interal employee
sumasundaresanEmailsundaresan.s@husky.neu.edu5086541998My friend referred me
I like to involve in the program.
Hope LaurynnDavernEmailHladavern@gmail.com6178005702Poster on the T
I am interested in volunteering or interning with the program if possible! I am pursuing a Master's degree in counseling and have a passion for programs like this and would love to have this experience under my belt!
MichelleMartinezEmailmraemartinez@yahoo.com6174998624Bus Ad
I want to know what I can do to help high-risk babies, toddlers and infants to prevent them from being abused. I am new to this so I just want to get involved because someone has to. Children need to be helped when they can't help themselves...
AmandaSeiderEmailAmanda.seider@gmail.comBus advertisements
Cassandra CharlesEmailccharles@umassd.edu857-236-4425MBTA sign
EmilyKaiseeEmailKaiseref@gmail.com5186571523Advertisement on the T.
Rachel EdwardsEmailredwards1225@gmail.comMBTA Ad
How can I get involved and work with the babies?
AmyBattisti-AsheEmailAbattisti-ashe@partners.org7813644711Mbta ad campaign
How can I help? I'm especially interested in networking with other practitioners working in the Dorchester, Roxbury, JP and Roslindale neighborhoods. Hablo español.
AriellaMontanezEmailariemarie7@gmail.comRiding the bus
FatimaDainkehEmailfsd@bu.edu6099479420Ad on metro bus
I am currently working on a storytelling proposal to evaluate the perceived risk and protective factors from African American/Black women in relation to infant mortality in the Boston area (specifically Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury) and would love to share this idea and receive feedback.
JoannThelusmaEmailJthelusma@gmail.com6174559196MBTA bus ad
No questions, but I would like to volunteer to support the CAN mission.
I'm interested in getting involved!
WilliamLazzaroEmailwilliam.lazzaro@gmail.com5087256777Ad on a bus
EmilyAnestaEmaileanesta@gmail.com617-543-1095From a friend
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