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Narcan Program

BPHC wants to support local businesses in keeping their establishments safe for all clientele. 
Please click here to download a flyerContact us for more information on the Safer Bathrooms Initiative or to find out how to attend an Overdose Prevention training. 
BPHC's Overdose Education and Narcan Training
Since 20​07, more than 3,200 people in Boston have received training on how to administer Narcan, a medication used to reverse opioid overdoses, and thousands more people have been educated on overdose prevention techniques.

Narcan has been credited with reversing nearly 400 overdoses in Boston in recent years. Statewide, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health estimates that 2,000 lives have been saved due to Narcan. BPHC offers education and training to opioid users, their families and community partners that work with people at risk of overdosing. 

Participants learn about the importance of calling 9-1-1 in the event of an overdose, how to perform rescue breathing and administer nasal Narcan, and treatment options for opioid users.

Ongoing community trainings are held during afternoon and evening hours, and are open to the public.

Trainings are held at the Finland Building, 774 Albany Street, Boston MA 02118.

Afternoon Trainings

Mondays, 3pm – 4:30 pm

Evening Trainings
Tuesdays, 6pm – 7:30 pm

2016 Dates

January – 11th and 25th​
February – 8th and 22nd  
March – 7th and 21st
April – 4th and 18th 
May – 2nd and 16th
June – 6th and 20th  
July – 11th and 25th
August – 15th and 29th
September – 12th and 26th
October – 3rd and 7th   
November – 7th and 21st​
December – 5th and19th

2016 Dates

January – 5th and 19th
February –  2nd and 16th
March – ​15th and 29th
April – 12th and 26th
May – 10th and 24th
June – 14th and 28th
July – 5th and 19th
August – 9th and 23rd
September – 6th and 20th
October – 11th and 25th
November – ​15th and 29th
December –​ 13th and 27th

For information, contact Berto Sanchez, Overdose Prevention Manager. 

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