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Nov 06
Tattoo Safety

​Thinking about getting a tattoo? Here's what you need to know:

Make sure the shop and artist has the proper permits and licenses. To get a safe and sanitary tattoo, it is important to get tattoos from licensed artists working in permitted shops. All tattoo shops in Boston must have- and post- their BPHC Body Art Permit, and all tattoo artists working in tattoo shops must have- and post- their BPHC Body Art Artist License.

It's illegal to tattoo outside of a permitted tattoo shop in Boston. Tattoo artists may not come to your house to do a tattoo, and "tattoo parties" are also against the rules. These things can put you at risk of serious infections and injury.

Permitted shops are inspected regularly for safety and sanitation. Licensed artists have training in first aid, CPR, and preventing infections. They must also demonstrate to the BPHC that they have previous experience and knowledge of proper hygienic work practices before they can get licensed.



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