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McLaughlin, Caitlin6/6/2020 9:00 AM0 0
The Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 (formerly referred to as 2019 Novel Coronavirus or 2019-nCoV) is a new respiratory virus that was first identified in Wuhan, China in December of 2019.
YesYesYes1/24/2020 5:28 PM6/6/2020 3:30 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin6/5/2020 4:56 PM0 
How do I talk to young children about the racial injustices happening right now?
NoNoYes6/5/2020 4:25 PM6/6/2020 8:07 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin5/28/2020 5:51 PM0 
Framework adopts best public health practices for keeping workplace and workforce safe
YesYesNo5/28/2020 5:51 PM6/5/2020 4:57 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin5/28/2020 5:36 PM0 
The City of Boston will reimagine streets in Boston to better support local businesses and restaurants, provide additional space for residents using public transportation, and accelerate the installation of bike lanes
YesYesNo5/28/2020 5:34 PM6/5/2020 4:57 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin5/15/2020 12:07 PM0 
Mayor Martin J. Walsh, together with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), today announced the study to evaluate community exposure to COVID-19 through a representative sampling of asymptomatic Boston residents resulted in 9.9% testing positive for antibodies and 2.6% of currently asymptomatic individuals testing positive for COVID-19.
YesYesNo5/15/2020 12:07 PM6/5/2020 4:59 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin5/8/2020 4:51 PM0 
Mayor Martin J. Walsh today in accordance with public health guidance around the COVID-19 pandemic announced that parades and festivals will not take place in the City of Boston this summer, up to and including Labor Day on September 7, 2020.
YesYesNo5/8/2020 4:51 PM5/15/2020 12:12 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin5/6/2020 4:09 PM0 
Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced that his Administration is moving forward with a rapid expansion of COVID-19 testing, building on his continued commitment to ensure equitable access to testing for Boston residents.
YesYesNo5/6/2020 4:03 PM5/8/2020 4:52 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin5/2/2020 11:47 AM0 
A face covering can be made from something you already have in your home, such as a scarf, bandana or a t-shirt. Follow the video tutorials to make your own face covering.
YesNoYes5/2/2020 11:08 AM6/5/2020 4:57 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin4/26/2020 4:18 PM0 
Mayor Martin J. Walsh together with Dr. Peter Slavin, President of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) today announced that approximately 1,000 residents in the City of Boston will be invited to participate in a study to evaluate community exposure to COVID-19 through antibody testing.
YesYesYes4/26/2020 4:15 PM4/26/2020 4:18 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin4/24/2020 5:31 PM0 
Building on Boston's commitment to serving all homeless individuals in the city, Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced the City of Boston will move forward with universal testing for COVID-19 (coronavirus) for all unhoused individuals in Boston.
YesYesYes4/24/2020 5:31 PM4/26/2020 4:19 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin4/23/2020 4:40 PM0 
Martin J. Walsh together with the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute are recognizing National Crime Victims' Rights Week (NCVRW), which is marked across the United States from April 19-25.
NoYesYes4/23/2020 4:39 PM4/26/2020 4:19 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin4/20/2020 5:50 PM0 
Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) today launched a new mapping tool to help Boston residents find locations offering COVID-19 testing. The City of Boston is partnering with community health centers to increase access to testing, particularly in neighborhoods experiencing higher rates of COVID-19.
YesYesYes4/20/2020 5:44 PM4/26/2020 4:19 PMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin4/15/2020 2:18 PM0 
​The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) would like to advise residents and community members in Hyde Park and West Roxbury of upcoming sprayings to help control mosquito populations in selected neighborhood areas.
NoYesNo4/15/2020 2:09 PM4/15/2020 2:18 PMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin3/15/2020 3:28 PM0 
Today, Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) is declaring a public health emergency in the City of Boston due to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.
YesYesYes3/15/2020 3:03 PM3/24/2020 10:18 AMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin3/11/2020 7:57 PM0 
Today the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), in conjunction with the Boston Public Schools (BPS), announced the closure of the three campuses of the Eliot K-8 School after a non student member of the school’s community tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
YesYesYes3/11/2020 7:56 PM3/11/2020 7:59 PMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin3/8/2020 4:01 PM0 
The Boston Public Health Commission today announced five new presumptive positive cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of confirmed or presumptive cases in Boston residents to 9.
YesYesYes3/8/2020 3:43 PM3/8/2020 4:16 PMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin3/6/2020 6:24 PM0 
On Friday, March 6, 2020, the Boston Public Health Commission and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health announced three presumptive positive case of COVID-19 in Boston residents.
YesYesYes3/6/2020 6:12 PM3/8/2020 4:24 PMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin2/14/2020 3:33 PM0 
​Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an invisible gas that kills without warning. You can't see it, smell it, hear it or taste it.
NoNoNo2/14/2020 3:29 PM2/14/2020 3:34 PMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin2/1/2020 1:54 PM0 
The first case of the 2019 novel coronavirus in Massachusetts has been confirmed in a man returning from Wuhan, China who is in his 20s and lives in Boston.
YesYesYes2/1/2020 1:48 PM2/21/2020 7:39 AMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin1/21/2020 1:23 PM0 
The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) is holding a meeting of the Boston Biosafety Committee, an advisory group appointed by the BPHC Executive Director under the BPHC Biological Laboratory Regulations.
NoNoNo1/21/2020 1:23 PM1/21/2020 1:24 PMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin1/14/2020 1:32 PM0 
Mayor Martin J. Walsh today joined Boston EMS to celebrate the graduation of 24 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) recruits in a ceremony at Faneuil Hall.
YesYesYes1/14/2020 1:28 PM3/19/2020 12:12 PMApprovedYes
McLaughlin, Caitlin1/9/2020 5:25 PM0 
​The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) has confirmed that a Northeastern University student who lives in Boston was diagnosed with measles yesterday, January 8, 2020.
YesYesYes1/9/2020 5:12 PM1/9/2020 5:25 PMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin1/6/2020 12:49 PM0 
​January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. The Boston Public Health Commission wants you to know that there's a lot you can do to prevent cervical cancer.
NoNoYes1/6/2020 12:41 PM1/7/2020 10:50 AMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin1/3/2020 9:48 AM0 
The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department have announced the Boston Parks Winter Fitness Series sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts from January 5 through May 1.
YesYesYes1/2/2020 4:09 PM1/3/2020 9:50 AMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin12/19/2019 10:48 AM0 
We want everyone to stay safe and healthy during this winter. Here is the Boston Public Health Commission's comprehensive set of safety tips for this season.
YesNoYes12/18/2019 3:53 PM12/23/2019 10:52 AMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin12/4/2019 10:51 AM0 
​There is a new piece of artwork hanging in the halls at Transitions, a residential recovery treatment program for adults in Boston.
NoNoNo12/4/2019 10:38 AM12/4/2019 10:51 AMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin11/27/2019 10:12 AM0 
The holiday season is here! Many of us will spend the next several weeks getting together with family and friends and enjoying our favorite foods and traditions. Following these guidelines can go a long way towards keeping everyone healthy this holiday season!
NoNoNo11/27/2019 10:07 AM1/3/2020 9:51 AMApprovedNo
McLaughlin, Caitlin11/25/2019 5:34 PM0 
Today the Boston Board of Health approved changes to regulations aimed at addressing vaping and tobacco use among youth in Boston proposed by Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) in September 2019, followed by resident engagement and a public comment period and hearing.
YesYesYes11/25/2019 4:59 PM11/25/2019 5:34 PMApprovedNo
Goldstein, Robert10/23/2019 2:55 PM0 
​Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) today issued a health advisory involving two cases of young children diagnosed with meningococcal disease. All individuals who are known to have been in close contact with these two cases have been identified and received antibiotics as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of further infection.
YesYesYes10/23/2019 2:37 PM12/4/2019 10:35 AMApprovedNo
Goldstein, Robert10/15/2019 8:30 AM0 
In Boston, there were 5,920 residents living with HIV in 2017, among them a disproportionate number were Latinx/Hispanic. One in seven people living with HIV do not know that they have it.
NoNoYes9/26/2019 12:55 PM10/15/2019 1:07 PMApproved
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