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The Boston Public Health Commission - Board Office

The Boston Public Health Commission is governed by a board of seven members. The Boston Public Health Act of 1995 created the Boston Public Health Commission and set forth the following guidelines for the make up of the governing board of the Commission:

  • Six members are appointed by the Mayor of Boston subject to the approval of the city council; the seventh member is the chief executive officer of Boston Medical Center and serves ex-officio.
  • Of the six members appointed by the Mayor:
    • Two members shall be trustees, officers or medical directors of neighborhood health centers which are affiliated with Boston Medical Center;
    • One member shall be appointed by the Mayor from a list of not less than three nominees recommended by a nominating committee of representatives of organized labor appointed by the mayor.
  • The Mayor appoints the Chairperson of the Commission.
    The six appointed members serve staggered three year terms.


Board Member Profiles

Francis J. Doyle, Esq.​ - Chairperson
Executive Director of Boston HealthNet Inc.

Joseph R. Betancourt, MD, MPH
Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital

Harold D. Cox
Boston University​​

Kate Walsh
Boston Medical Center

​​​Manny Lopes
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
The Dimock Center

Boston Public Health Commission
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