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HelpSteps is a free web-based portal that connects individuals to health and human services available in Massachusetts, developed by Dr. Eric Fleegler, a physician in the division of Emergency Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. HelpSteps is a vehicle designed to combat the social determinants of health by making social and health services readily available, right at patients’ fingertips. To better serve the residents of Boston, Boston Public Health Commission partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital and adopted HelpSteps as its information and referral resource. The tool is designed to cater to users’ needs by location, language, services, nearest bus routes and much more. Built on a database that includes information on over 1,700 in-state agencies, it is the most comprehensive option for finding local health and social services.


HelpSteps app is now available for free on the App Store!

  • ​1,700 in-state agencies
  • ​ Personalized search
  • ​Serves Massachusetts residents 
  • ​ View detailed agency information
  • ​Advanced location search
  • ​ Google Map integration
  • Sixteen service categories ​
  • ​ Find nearby public transportation
  • ​Build agency contact list
  • ​ Print or email referral sheet


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